Rental Agreement


Payment is due prior to receipt of rented games.
Payment may be made via PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, or cash.

Pickup and Drop Off

Games will be dropped off by Meepels to Go once a week at your home, or may be picked up at a local board game meetup.

The date of the drop off is at the discretion of Meeples to Go, but alternate arrangements can be made.

Games are due to be picked up by Meeples to Go 1 week from the date of rental.

Late Fees

Any late rentals will be subject to an additional week charge. Please note that Mystery rentals are not subject to these late fees.
Any game(s) not returned within a month of rental will be subject to a charge of the full retail price of the game.


The renter is responsible for any damaged or lost components incurred during their rental. Damage includes but is not limited to torn cards, bent cards, liquid spills, permanent markings, and box damage.

All games include a list of components. When a game is returned, if there are any missing or damaged components there will be a charge to replace said components. This charge varies based on the game and component(s). These charges may be waived at the discretion of Meeples to Go.