How Rentals Work

We're revamping how rentals work!

We'll put all the details here for you once they've been completely ironed out.

For now we'll let you know that we've moved to a Pay-What-You-Want system for all of our 1 week rentals.

Here are the basics, when you rent a game from us for 1 week you can pay any price, even if that's zero dollars!

Our mission is to share our love of board games with as many people as possible, and we want to eliminate as many barriers to gaming that we can.

Even though everything won't have this option, the vast majority of our games will.

Use one of the following discount codes to take full advantage of this!

Meeples25 for a 25% discount on 1 week rentals!

Meeples50 for a 50% discount on 1 week rentals!

Meeples75 for a 75% discount on 1 week rentals!

Meeples100 to get your one week rental for free!

Fine Print - If you are using the pay-what-you-want system you may only rent the games fro 1 week at a time, and may rent a maximum of 2 games per week. This is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to try the games in our library.

We don't mind applying a flexible pricing system to bulk amounts of games, but we aren't able to apply it on the website at this time. If you'd like to rent a large amount of games with the flexible pricing, please email us and we can work something out.